Anatomy of an Enchanted Nursery

So it’s about to be Mommy time again, for the second time. My next baby girl, Satiah Harlow, is due to join us in a few short months and I have been a nesting beast. Like her big sister Aria’s room, hers had to be absolutely perfect. But what to do? What was my theme? Her room was my old “shoe room” (I told ya’ll I was impractical, so yes, I had a whole room for my shoes and purses). But with the impending arrival of my little Pixie, I had to let – that- go. Sigh. So in my head, the “new” room had to be just as magical as the last. And then there it was, like… well… magic. It was going to be an enchanted nursery, with stars and clouds and fairies. So away to plan I went.

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