Halloween… at Home

This year, since we have two girls, we are really into the holiday. So to get into the spirit we’ve done a little decorating around the house. Kid-friendly of course.

We are also planning to have a Tiny Ghoul-Together for the babies and a few of her friends and cousins. Of course we have to keep it small… COVID-19 won’t let us be great. But we will endure and the tiny humans will have a fantastic time nonetheless. That will be a separate blog.

For now, enjoy our decorations and let me know what you think.


Poppy and her castle.
The girls’ playhouse got some wickedly wonderful decorations too.
Y’all. I. Love. My. Mantel. This is my favorite focal point for all the decor. Let’s take a closer look.

Stay tuned for the Ghoul-Together. I’ll have more details about the games and foods for the kiddos.

Stay fab y’all.