Putting the Posh in Playroom

When my daughter was first born, I had a vision of grandeur in my head. I wanted her to have the best things but I also need them to be somewhat… dare I use the word… practical. I don’t know how practical a house inside of a house is, but I went for it. I think the result was amazing. What do you think?

Aria’s new and improved play area.

So let’s rewind. I have to show you the place before we got started. You see, it was what Santa brought to the house for Christmas. And let me tell you, the elves were busy. It took the work of myself, my husband, my dad, my mom and his mom to make this a reality — all in a matter of about 6 hours. It was seriously all hands on deck. Cue the Christmas music and let the good times roll.

Here’s the room before:

Not a whole lot of structure and toys everywhere.
Most of her stuff we just piled in the corner. No rhyme or reason.
Yes the ball pit is a pool. Don’t judge me.

So that’s where we were. Hot. Flaming. Mess. Like I said, there was a lot to do – a lot of DIY stuff to take care of beforehand to make this vision become a reality. I had to paint the house – it was drab brown and green… bleh. That would never do. I decided on pink, gray, and white, with gold accents. I also had to make her “Daydreamer” mat. I used my Cricut for that, made the stencil and painted it in with the same paint I used for the house. Probably not the right paint, but whatever… This is a little of what that looked like.

I used zero VOC paint for all of the playhouse structure.
I used spray paint for the house numbers and windows. I eventually changed the gold in the window to match the numbers – the copper wasn’t working for me.
One of the house side panels during painting.

Once I had everything painted and prepped, I just had to wait for Christmas Eve and for Santa (my Dad) to make the delivery. Here are some shots of the madness that ensued soon after. I’ll say it before you do… yikes and yikes.

Six hours later…. magic.

The Bug’s Posh Playhouse.
Can you “imagine” what she can create?
I love the picture messages – Be Kind, Curious, Brave, Silly, Wise and Clever.
There is plenty of storage to keep the room organized.
Bug’s little Book Nook.

I couldn’t wait until the next morning, dog tired as we were from staying up late and putting it all together. I knew she would love it. Shoot I loved it. I wanted to live there. Ha ha.

My Bug on Christmas morning, loving her new house – inviting all of her animals to come and play.

My happy little Daydreamer. ♥️🐞

I hope you like this project as much as I do. Now I just have to figure out what’s next. Hmmm…. maybe an office makeover. Goodness knows I need one. Stay tuned.