Sweet as can Bee 🐝…

Ohhhh Baby… we can’t wait to meet you!

For this child I have prayed…

As you all know, my little Satiah Harlow will be arriving sooner than later and this weekend we took a little bit of time to celebrate her. Welcome to her Sprinkle, “Sweet as can Bee.”

Aria’s baby shower was a big one. We had tons to guests there to celebrate and the shenanigans that ensued were real. This time around, although equally as fun, was a lot smaller. I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I worked on my baby shower to help with some of my downtime, where I wasn’t feeling quite as happy about life as I should have. I made most of the sweets – everything except the cookies and the watermelon baby. I’ll show you how I made the cake popscicles in a separate post.

I loved the decor. Bees were incorporated everywhere with soft yellows and whites with some pink accents. It was simple but pretty, exactly what I was hoping for. Check it out.

The dessert and sweets table was amazing. There were all sorts of goodies – cookies, cake, mini cupcakes, cake popscicles, gummi bears, candied apples, a watermelon fruit baby, and lemon cheesecake shooters. Here’s the spread:

And then there was the fun. What a time we had laughing and spending time with one another.

Little Satiah was blessed with so much love and given so many gifts. Thank you to everyone who found me on Babylist and got something for my little. Even though Aria claimed some of the toys and books for her own. It was a Christmas preview for her, I think.

My family is so excited to meet Satiah. Life is going to be so much more grand. I am blessed and you, my village, have been a blessing. Thank you.