Surviving Shots. Not the Baby, Mom. You.

This post is about you brave mom warrior. Ok maybe you’re not so brave on that two month visit when little one has to get her first shots ever. Oh the horror.

It’s going to be ok. — All moms everywhere

That’s what I was saying all the way up until we arrived at the pediatrician’s office. You got this. It’s no big deal. I was sweating bullets. But you see that face. That’s the face of a baby that has the whole “shot thing” licked. I should’ve asked her for the advice from the get go. But nooo… here I am in a not-so-confident voice trying to encourage her. Do you find yourself relating yet? Keep reading.

It started off good. Check her temp. Measure her head. Get her weight. So on and so forth. Not bad at all. This is a piece of cake. Ha!

Then out the nurse comes with the needles. Dun, dun, dunnnnnnn. That many? Holy crap. I think I need a drink. Margarita anyone? Oh that’s right, not for me. I’m breastfeeding so I’ll take it like a weeny. I don’t think I can look. Oh, but I have to because guess what – I have to hold the poor kid down. So I did. And in a snap – it was over. What you say? It’s finished? She barely cried at all. Are you sure it’s over? Whew! That was easy. Now let’s make like a shepherd and get the flock out.

So here we go moms… the juice. What I promised from the beginning –

Five Ways to Get Through Vaccines

  1. Calm Down. So it really, really does hurt you more than it hurts them. See the image above where she’s sleeping, yeah that’s about 3 minutes after the deed. They are more surprised by what Just happened than hurt by it. So they may cry for about 30 seconds. So take five good deep breaths and get on with it. Get off the ledge. No need to jump.
  2. Turn on some tunes. The nurse won’t mind. It may help to ease the baby. It will definitely help ease you. So whether you’re a “I woke up like this” kinda mom (or dad), a “lucky for you that what I like” finger snapper, or a “don’t stop believing” shower belter – put it on. A little Hall and Oates never hurt nobody. It’ll get you grooving and bring you down a couple of levels.
  3. Go ahead and cry. If you’re one of those wish washy parents (hey – no judgement here) go ahead and let it out. Take a minute, she’s your tear, and just get it out. Then throw on your soldier rag and get down to business. Even Wonder Woman has a meltdown or two. It’s OK.
  4. Don’t count the needles. Counting them freaked me out pretty good. “You’re going to stick her how many times?” It’s best if you just trust them. They’ve done this a million times already, just that morning. They have you covered. Sure ask your questions – you’d be crazy not to – but don’t count. It’ll just take you back to number three.
  5. Take a sip. AFTER the appointment. Please don’t drink and drive folks. If you need a glass of wine for your whine, go ahead and have one. Just make sure you time it right if you’re breastfeeding. Don’t get your precious bundled all liquored up because YOU couldn’t handle her/his shots. And do t go crazy with it. Your baby getting shots is not a viable reason for a hangover tomorrow. And let’s face it, drunkenness is so not cute anyway.

So there you have it. My tips on how to get through your baby’s first shots. Wasn’t that easy? I told you it would be.

Now let me work on the list of how to handle that mustard seedy goodness shooting out of your tiny package – all over your Chanel, or Michael Kors, or clean Gap tee. Clean up on aisle six…